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Michelle Obama’s UK Visit Successful In Furthering Education For Girls Worldwide

United States First Lady Michelle Obama was cheered for loudly by students from Mulberry School For Girls in London’s East End when she announced that education is the ultimate key and that the world needs more girls like them. Michelle Obama also spoke up to help get more aid to help the world’s poorest girls have access to education no matter where they are.

The purpose of Obama’s visit in London was not only to visit Prince Harry at Kensington Palace, but also to spread the word for her Let Girls Learn Initiative which strives to further adolescent girls’ education around the world. As she stated, “The world needs more girls like you to lead our parliaments, our boardrooms and our universities. We need you for tackling the problems of climate change, poverty and disadvantage.”

Along with her visit to Mulberry School and with Prince Harry, Michelle Obama also met with the International Development Secretary Justine Greening and Education Secretary Nicky Morgan to begin a joint United States/United Kingdom mission to tackle the problem of about 62 million girls worldwide who are currently not in school. To begin with, a five year program has been agreed to in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the goal of giving 450,000 children the chance of a primary education and ensure that about 1.4 million girls and boys will learn to read.

To say the least, Michelle and her daughters, Malia and Sasha, as well as her mother, Marian Robinson, have had a very successful visit in the United Kingdom.

This is not only beneficial to the girls who will benefit from education, but will also aid in spreading the empowerment of women everywhere. After all, empowerment can come from all sorts of areas, especially education.

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