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McDonald’s is testing out mac and cheese at select restaurants

Do you want mac and cheese with that? Good news, comfort food connoisseurs: McDonald’s is testing out this gooey item at eighteen (but only eighteen) of their restaurants. They began to do so in Northeast Ohio last week.

McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb has confirmed that the item can either be purchased a la carte for $1.75, or as the entree of a Happy Meal for $3. Mac and cheese will be served at the lucky select locations until February of 2016, but McComb stated that it is too early to predict the future of the item in other markets.

McComb explained that McDonald’s plans to base their decision regarding mac and cheese as a menu item on the feedback provided by their customers.

“We’re always looking for new ways to offer relevant tastes to our customers, so were giving mac and cheese a try and gathering valuable feedback from our customers,” said McComb.

McDonald’s is known to test new products in select markets, such as the mozzarella sticks that were recently tested in New York. Items deemed successful will then sometimes find a new home with the company as a permanent menu item (mozzarella sticks will be available to the rest of the U.S. on January 4).

McDonald’s mac and cheese will be made with a special blend of real cheese, as opposed to powdered cheese, but McComb declined to specify what kind of cheese after being asked by reporters.

This writer, while very interested in trying out McDonald’s new mac and cheese, is still holding out for an all-day breakfast option in Canada and in trepidation for the legendary McRib to make its next appearance.

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