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McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu is a go

Not everyone is a morning person, but lots of us are breakfast people. It’s those breakfast people that McDonald’s is hoping to bring in with their all-day breakfast menu. That’s right, the long awaited all-day McDonald’s breakfast has finally arrived, as of this Tuesday! No more racing to McDonald’s, hoping to make it before the 10:30 breakfast cut-off in order to get your Egg McMuffin and hashbrowns.

Before Tuesday, fans of the McBreakfast could only get it between 4am and 10:30am. The reasoning McDonald’s gave was that breakfast items were cooked at a lower grill temperature than burgers and other “day menu” items. They didn’t want to sacrifice grill space that could be used for burgers for what could potentially be only 2 or 3 breakfast items.

The fast food market is changing, and McDonald’s is being forced to change with it. With Taco Bell introducing their own breakfast menu just a short while ago and healthier options such as Chipotle and Panera Bread taking their chunk of the market, McDonald’s had to give the people what they wanted. What the people wanted was to get a Breakfast Burrito at any time of day.

Not all breakfast fans will be thrilled with the new all-day breakfast offerings. McDonald’s has only chosen to offer the 12 most popular items all day, as a way to keep the grill space necessary for burgers and other day-time options. While Egg McMuffins and hashbrowns are now available at all hours, items such as the Big Breakfast still only remain available during traditional breakfast hours. Some items, such as biscuits, are only available all day in select regions, such as the southern states.

The limits have left some customers disappointed.

“I thought it was going to be all the breakfast,” Nadia Johnson commented. The 31-year-old stopped by McDonald’s at 11:15, hoping to get a Big Breakfast. She opted for hot cakes and sausage and an Egg McMuffin instead.

Marjorie Jones, a McDonald’s employee, reported that the all-day breakfast offerings didn’t really increase her workload. Cooks maintained one grill at a lower temperature to cook eggs, while keeping remaining grills at the higher temperature required to cook burgers. So far on the first day, breakfast seemed to be selling well.

Jones believed that the real impact of all-day breakfast would be seen on the weekends, especially late at night when young people were returning home. As they come home from the bars around 2 or 3am, they would be greeted by a selection of breakfast options to tackle their late-night appetites.

While first day numbers seem good, only time will tell how successful the all-day breakfast truly is for McDonald’s.

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