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(The fire before the explosion. Photo Source: Twitter)

Massive Explosion Kills At Least 13 and Injures Hundreds in Tianjin, China

Just earlier today, the Chinese city of Tianjin was shaken by a huge explosion occurring at a nearby container port where flammable material was reportedly being stored.  The city, which is about an hour east of Bejing, amassed tons of causalities with 13 confirmed dead and anywhere from 180 to 300 sustaining injuries – some of which were serious.

The cause is not yet clear.  The Chinese Public Security Ministry stated that Fire fighters were called to the scene regarding a large chemical fire in the Binhai New Area.  The explosion happened only moments after they arrived, tearing through a warehouse that was storing “dangerous goods” and leading to secondary explosions and many broken windows as the blast shook the surrounding area, says the state-run Xinhua news agency.  Four fire fighters were injured and two more have since lost contact entirely, the ministry said.  Many injuries came from flying stones and broken glass, reports CNN.

The numbers are still being updated and the fire at the warehouse is still raging at the time of writing this article, but even without accurate statistics it’s not hard to imagine how grim a case this is.  There are already quite a few videos and images of the incident being spread around online, with some showing the person behind the camera getting violently thrown to the ground as the powerful force of the blast hits them, despite being several miles away.

UPDATE: New numbers are coming out, now confirming at least 50 deaths and over 700 injuries.

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