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Mars’ Curiosity Rover Discovers Human Like Figure

Somewhere on Mars, there may just be a woman standing guard, waiting for the next visitors to this captivating planet. Recently, NASA’s Curiosity Rover sent photos back to Earth that it retrieved while roaming the surface of Mars.

One photo in particular is receiving a huge amount of attention. In the black and white photo, a figure is shown in the bottom left appearing to be standing watch. The quality of the photo makes it difficult to tell whether the figure is a rock formation or a person.

It is believed that the figure only appeared after spotting the Curiosity Rover. Given it’s stance and location the figure is believed to be acting as a lookout.

However, in addition to the seemingly human figure there are two other structures in the photograph. According to the website, UFO Sightings Daily the two other structures might be dwellings and/or vehicles. The evidence of tire tracks or drag parks would seem to suggest that things have been moving around on the surface of Mars.

It is important to note that this figure is nowhere near human sized. In fact, the scale of the photo would suggest that it is less than 10 cm tall.

In the past few weeks, the Curiosity Rover has been busy documenting all sorts of well…curious objects on the surface of Mars. Investigators of extra-terrestrial life have been sharing the information they are finding, and are excited about the increasing possibilities of other life forms. Unfortunately, NASA has refused to comment on any of the findings so far.

This crab like creature was discovered by the Curiosity Rover earlier in August and has scientists and conspiracy theorists alike asking questions. In June, another round of photos were released that to some seemed to resemble prehistoric tools and fossils. Many individuals doubt the presence of these objects though by arguing that the high winds on the planet of Mars have eroded natural rock formations into peculiar shapes.

The images being released by the rover are believed to resemble the types of fossilized bones that have been found all over the world.

And while NASA is refusing to engage with many extra-terrestrial searchers, they are releasing astonishing information of their own. For example, in April 2015, the Curiosity Rover established the presence of water below the surface of Mars. Prior to this discover, it was thought that Mars was too cold for water to exist.

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