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Marine Returns Home and Has to Fight

The amount of respect I have for those who have fought in the armed forces, whether they come back dead or alive is unreal. I know for a fact that I would be far too scared to do and participate in the kind of events that they have seen every day. When these heroes return to their families, I am willing to bet big money that the last thing on their mind for the future is fighting, whether it is to defend their families, themselves, or even their own lives. It turns out that Former Marine Cindy Martinez, is not so lucky.

Cindy was rushed to a medical center after complaining of very intense shoulder pain. The medical professionals then confirmed that she was infected with necrotizing fasciitis, which is a deadly flesh eating disease. While professionals do note that this bacteria is contracted in the body through the exposure of open wounds, they are unsure of how Martinez was infected. Unfortunately, although she is still alive, Martinez has lost many muscles in her shoulder due to them being completely dead due to the bacteria.

I sincerely hope that Cindy gets better and is able to return home to her family. Her two kids have been repeatedly asking when their mother is coming home, and all their father can say is that their mother is not coming home for a while. I could not imagine. Especially with a mother who has come back from the Marines, who probably has not seen their children for an extremely long time already.

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