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Man Kills Neighbour For Mowing Lawn Late at Night

An annoyed neighbour allegedly shot and killed his neighbour for mowing her lawn late in the evening. On Tuesday night around 9pm, a 62-year-old woman in Ohio started mowing her lawn, only to be shot by her upset neighbour.

The alleged killer, James Blair, 50, was apparently upset about Ciotto mowing her lawn at that hour of the evening. Blair’s mother reported that her son became increasingly angry as the mowing continued. One neighbour reports that he heard one shot. Other reports reveal that after allegedly shooting Ciotto, Blair ran over her with the mower.

Officers state that the gunshot happened from close range. The coroner also identified a servere injury to Ciotto’s left arm; which could be a result of the mower blade. This theory reflects reports that Blair ran over the woman after shooting her.

Blair was arrested early the next day after a six-hour standoff after he refused to leave the home. A SWAT team was engaged, only to remove Blair after using tear gas. Blair is held at the Huron County Jail on $1 million bond.

Another individual, Billie Hinkle, was charged the following day for tampering with evidence. Allegedly, Hinkle moved the weapon involved in the murder to a different location for disposal where the gun was later found in a bag.

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