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Man Arrested For Golf Club Acid Bombs In California

On Saturday, a man was arrested after two homemade bombs were discovered on a California golf course.

On the 18th fairway at the Foxtail Golf Club, two homemade “acid bombs” were found. Rohnert Park police Sergeant, Jason Krauss, reported that maintenance workers at the course found one of the bombs. The remnants of the second bomb, already detonated, was found later on.

Acid bombs can be quite harmful and can shoot debris across a 50 foot radius. As such, the UC-Berkeley Police Department Bomb Squad was called in to disarm the device. They showed up at about noon and the patrons at the club house and course were evacuated. The officials took the bomb out to the driving range where they were able to control the detonation.

According to Krauss’s interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, nobody was harmed and there is no suspicion of terrorist activity.

Kevin Hornbuckle, 49, was taken into custody for suspicion of possession and manufacturing of a destructive device.

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