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Male Contraceptive in the Works

Hey ladies, I understand that there is a lot of controversy around you when it comes to pregnancy, child birth, abortion, adoption, and just about everything else concerning reproduction through sexual means. When these things happen without intent, aside from adoption, there is usually one question more than anything revolving around it people’s heads. Because they have already wrapped their heads around and fallen in love with the concept that condoms are flimsy and are able to break, they look over to the females with the harsh face and say ” Well why was she not taking her pill? It’s not like there is one available for guys! It’s all her fault!” Well, I can not say when, but some time in the future, you will be able to point the finger at guys the same way, as researchers and scientists are working away fiercely to come up with a product that is essentially the birth control pill for guys.

Birth control for females essentially tricks the female reproductive system into thinking it is pregnant already for lack of better words. With that said, someone may wonder how something could possibly be created for a man. Well, the answer lies in understanding what kind of chemicals and systems in a man’s sperm to be able to fertilize the female’s eggs. Although there is an idea around what exactly is responsible for it, scientists and researchers feeling that they are getting closer and closer to the goal. Once everything is finalized, the product will soon be launched and be able to be purchased.

Well there you have it. I feel really bad for females who unfortunately get put into situations through unlucky circumstances. I hope that this product really does become a reality, so there will be a more of an equal blame on those who end up in the pregnancy scare situation. In my opinion, even though there are good contraceptive tools for men, it still seems one sided toward females.

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