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Credit: Jacob Hannah for The New York Times

Love Triangle leads to Prison Break: How Sweat and Matt Seduced their way out of Prison

By now, most people have heard about the inmate break out from early June of this year. The three week long manhunt for the two maximum security inmates left residences of the surrounding areas nervous and police flustered at they searched for the two men.


The two men were eventually found, with Richard W. Matt being shot and killed, and David Sweat being shot and captured before they were able to cross the boarder into Canada.

Recently, it has been released that the two men had an accomplice. Someone on the inside who helped them get out. Ms. Joyce Mitchell has been on trial for some time now, awaiting the verdict of what her punishment will be for aiding these two men in their escape.

The question remains, why would Ms. Mitchell assist two murderers escape a maximum security prison? What could she possibly gain from allowing these two back into the world. Well the question has finally been answered. Ms. Mitchell seems to have found herself in the middle of a love triangle that it seems, only she was in on.

Mitchell, after being taken into custody, has been very informative with the details of her relationship with Matt and Sweat, the two escaped convicts.

Mitchell worked as the supervisor in the prison’s tailor shop where she first met Sweat and Matt, who also had jobs in the tailor shop. Sweat had been moved from the tailor shop earlier in the year because of accusations saying that Mitchell had a romantic relationship with Sweat but she denied all allegations and life went on as it had.

Matt, however, was a different story. Matt was an artist and often painted painting that he sent to his daughter. Mitchell cared for the man and often called his daughter to make sure she was receiving everything alright. Mitchell often left gifts for Matt such as cookies, brownies and other kind gestures. She described Matt as a kind person who always showed her respect.

Things began to escalated when Matt grabbed her one day and “open mouth” kissed her. From then on, he had her around his finger. Mitchell admitted to often smuggling things in for him such as hack saws, drill bits and many other dangerous items. Matt eventually asked for oral sex to which Mitchell obliged and also admitted to fondling him behind heavy prison coats when no one was watching. Despite all of this, Mitchell claims that sexual intercourse never came into play.

The plan had originally been that the two would escape through the tunnels they had been using and that Mitchell would meet them with a Jeep on the outside, bringing survival supplies such as tents, sleeping bags GPS, etc. in order to make their grand escape. Once they had made it far enough, Mitchell was to leave with Sweat, allowing Matt to go off on his own. Mitchell was not let in on the plan until the day of the escape where she began to have doubts.

Mitchell’s anxiety came when the men told her their plan to escape and to later drug and murder her husband. She spent the entire day at work feeling uneasy and later that night was admitted to hospital where she was unable to pick up the convicts as they had previously planned.

The men referred to her husband as “the Glitch” a name one can only assume came along with their supposed feelings for Mitchell and viewed her husband as a glitch in their plan.

What is odd about the whole story though is that even though it seems that Mitchell had the romantic relationship with Matt, the plan was for her to run off with Sweat. Was Mitchell just being played by these two men or was she actually involved with them both? With the death of Matt, who knows if the answer to this question will come to light.

Mitchell is still in custody and is currently awaiting sentencing.

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