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Lindsay Lohan Steals the Show at a Wedding, And Not In a Good Way!

She’s back in the headlines, folks. Lindsay Lohan was at the heart of a dramatic scene at a wedding in Italy. The actress stole the show at her millionaire freind’s wedding as she ran around claiming she was drugged. She also was seen painting her nails as the ceremony took place.

Lohan, 29, allegedly created chaos and turned heads at the nuptials in many different forms. Her unusual and distracting behaviour includes reports of multiple outfit changes, running around naked, claims of being drugged, and nail painting.

Sources at the wedding report that Lohan was seen painting her nails and engaged with her phone during the actual ceremony. Later, during the cocktail hour, she was seen without shoes and acting paranoid at people taking her photo.

If all of that seems crazy and disrespectful, the best part came later during the reception. The starlet snapped when someone allegedly joked about Lohan. At this point, reports from wedding insiders stage that the “Mean Girls” actress stripped naked and began running around the hall screaming that she had been drugged. Lohan was checked out by EMT’s but appeared to be okay.

Lohan posted two photos of herself at the wedding on social media, both in different dresses. Through her social media documentation, she leaves no indication of the shenanigans reported by other wedding guests.

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