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Life Is Strange’s Final Episode Gets Release Date

The final instalment in Dontnod Entertainment’s episodic drama game Life is Strange has a release date. Episode five of the series, titled “Polarized”, will serve as the finale of the adventure title and will release on October 20, 2015. The series has enjoyed critical success since it’s first episode released on 30 January, 2015 with praise directed to it’s strong characters and steadily accelerating pace.

Upon it’s initial launch, the game was set to receive a new episode every six weeks, but Dontnod Entertainment and publisher Square Enix quickly ditched this plan, with the second episode released seven weeks after the first, the third episode eight weeks after the second, the fourth episode ten weeks after the third and now the fifth coming twelve weeks after the fourth. This increasing delay is still nothing compared to Telltale Game’s similar output; the company still has two ongoing episodic series that began last year and still have a final episode left to release.

It’s worth noting that this release date is not necessarily set in stone. In a blog post on Square Enix’s website, producer Luc Baghadoust wrote: “We’ve seen that a lot of you can’t wait to play the Life is Strange finale and are eagerly awaiting a release date. The episode is getting closer to submission and we have almost completed development.”

“We don’t normally announce a date until we know the game is 100% ready but in the spirit of Max’s birthday (today) we wanted to let you know early that we are aiming to release Episode 5 ‘Polarized’ October 20.”

“Many things can change in the lead up to release but the team are working really hard to try and hit this date. We know the wait may be a bit longer than some of you were hoping for but we want to ensure Episode 5 is the best it can be.”

“Your tweets, comments and messages have kept us going through this busy stage of development and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support.”

“We are super excited for you to play the finale and we hope you enjoy the ride! We couldn’t have foreseen the great reaction Life is Strange has had so far, the community is fantastic and we love seeing/reading your reactions to each episode.”

While no physical disc release has been announced it seems a reasonable expectation given the track record of previous episodic games. For now, Life is Strange is available digitally on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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