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Photo: Twitter @MissPiggy

Liam Hemsworth Joins Instagram – His First Post? With Miss Piggy!

Liam Hemsworth has joined the dark side…and by the dark side I mean, of course, Instagram!

His new account has not only Hunger Games fans doing back flips but also Muppets fans. Liam’s very first Instagram post was a picture of the handsome Hemsworth brother with the prettiest pink lady ever…Miss Piggy!

It was a nice reminder that he is going to be a guest on The Muppets Television show this month.

In the wake of Miss Piggy’s very public split from Kermit, it was a change of pace to see her flirting with Liam. You could see in her eyes she’s thinking… “Peeta, who?”

She was so smitten by the flirtmance that she, also, posted the photo on social media. She tweeted:

“Loved @LiamHemsworth, our latest guest coming to #TheMuppets. Although, I had to explain that hunger is NEVER a game!”

Liam’s own post on Instagram had the same photo but read:

“Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world. Kermit, #SorryNotSorry, #TheMuppets, #misspiggy”

It may just be Miss Piggy’s fame, or maybe it’s the popularity of the Hemsworth name, but Liam gained over two hundred and seventy thousand followers in less than twenty-four hours after creating his account!

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