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Leonardo DiCaprio is saying goodbye to fossil fuels

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is letting go of fossil fuels.

The 40-year-old actor and environmental activist is joining a campaign that focuses its investment decisions on fighting global warming. DiCaprio, along with 400 institutions and 2,000 other people, promised to eliminate his fossil fuel investments Tuesday, PEOPLE reports.

“Climate change is severely impacting the health of our planet and all of its inhabitants,” DiCaprio said when promising to divest on behalf of himself and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.


DiCaprio is to divest his charitable funds and his personal wealth. “We must transition to a clean energy economy that does not rely on fossil fuels, the main driver of this global problem,” the star of The Wolf of Wall Street said in a statement.

“Now is the time to divest and invest to let our world leader know that we, as individuals and institutions, are taking action to address climate change, and we expect them to do their part this December in Paris at the UN climate talks,” DiCaprio said.

According to ABC News, students started pressuring colleges to drop their fossil fuel holdings and increase those in renewable energy companies in 2011. The Divest-Invest Coalition said in a report released Tuesday that now, foundations, state and local governments, pension funds, insurers and others worth a total of $2.6 trillion have promised to reduce their fossil fuel investments or drop them completely.

This number is 50 times that of last year. The executive director of, an online anti-global-warming group, May Boeve, said that their movement “is growing faster than expected.” “If these numbers tell us anything, it’s that the divestment movement is catching fire,” she added.

Managing director of SRI Wealth Management Group, Thomas Van Dyck, said the research demonstrated that an increasing number of investors wanted to put their money into clean-growth industries, renewable energy and other ways to solve climate change problems.

“That underscores what I see every day as a financial advisor – that the demand for fossil-free investment products is increasing,” he said in a statement, according to Reuters.

DiCaprio has been a devoted environmentalist for a long time and still gives his time and attention to the environment. For instance, the actor gave $15 million in donations to more than 30 organizations working on conservation projects around the world this summer, according to PEOPLE.

He also raised $40 million at a gala in July by auctioning off one-of-a-kind experiences and expensive goods. The auction’s proceeds benefited DiCaprio’s foundation, which is working to protect wilderness habitats on Earth.


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