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Larry David Nails Bernie Sanders Impression On SNL

On Oct. 18, Saturday Night Live dipped their toes into the swirl of politics with a political debate parody skit.

Right from the get go, the impressions were great. But once Larry David came on screen, he stole the show. David, like many of us, was #FeelingTheBern.

The skit parodied the CNN Democratic debate, and Larry David played the Vermont senator, Bernie Sanders. Aside from the obvious physical resemblance, David had the impersonation down to a T.

He came out swinging as Bernie and said right from the start he “dialed it up to 10.” David joked about Bernie’s appearance and said, “I don’t have a super PAC. I don’t even have a backpack. I carry my stuff around loose in my arms like a professor between classes. I own one pair of underwear — that’s it.”

After the SNL skit, Sanders was in Fort Madison campaigning. He told his Iowa supporters that he was very impressed by his doppelganger. He said, “In terms of Larry David, I think we’re going to put him up on the stage at our next rally — let him do it rather than me. He does it better than I do.”

But he did want to set the record straight and say that he has “an ample supply of underwear.” He said, “Last week, I bought my second pair of underwear. Please don’t write it down. That was a joke.”

His unadorned image makes him come across as approachable and charming. He said:

“Well I think it’s my hair that attracts the American people. Neat, well groomed, your typical politician. I think the fact that my dad came to this country at the age of 17 without a nickel in his pocket … I grew up in a 3-1/2 room rent-controlled apartment in Brooklyn, our family never had a lot of money and from my earliest years I am more than aware of what it is like to grow up in a family that did not have a lot of money and that’s a lesson that I have not forgotten.”

Bernie Sanders should send thanks to Larry David and SNL. The skit brought huge waves of positive attention to the otherwise ignored candidate.

Hopefully the attention will keep on coming and more people can #FeelTheBern!!

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