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Konami will make Another Metal Gear Solid after all, but it may cost a lot to produce

Enjoying the Metal Gear Solid video game series takes an acquired taste.  Some love it and some hate it for its long movie scenes, confusing story and difficult controls. Previous titles in the series have not sold very well; this time with Metal Gear solid V, publisher Konami is receiving good profits from the game. Because of its popularity, Konami seems interested in continuing to make more Metal Gear games.

Brian Ashcraft from Kotaku reported the following statement from Konami about future plans for the Metal Gear solid series.

“ ‘When we start development, a large-scale investment will become necessary ‘, Konami is quoted as saying by the recent Nikkei article.

Nikkei reports that details about the game, including a release date, haven’t been announced yet—obviously. While the paper reports that Konami is merely examining plans for another Metal Gear, Konami previously stated it would continue making more games in this stealth series.”

It is still unclear if Kojima is gone for good, or if he will return to direct more Metal Gear games. Alex Osborn from IGN reported the following from Nikkei:

“The article also mentions series creator Hideo Kojima, whose relationship with Konami has been rocky at best. According to the report, Kojima’s involvement remains unconfirmed, as the Metal Gear mastermind has yet to comment on whether or not he plans return. While Kojima is rumored to have left the company, Konami claims he’s simply on vacation.”

It seems lots of changes are happening at Konami.  Sadly, the U.S. Los Angeles Kojima productions location is shutting down.  Kotaku reported the following:

“Via VG247, Duke Nukem co-creator George Broussard tweeted this out:

Some love the Myamoto touch in the Mario games, as the magic touch makes Mario extra special.  Do you like Kojima’s touch to the Metal Gear games or would you rather see the next one directed by someone else with a different style?

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