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Konami shows Metal Gear Online at TGS 2015

At Tokyo Game show, Konami has shown off a playable demo of the upcoming Metal Gear Online. This new version of MGO is actually the third game in the series. the final E in the in the Metal Gear Online Logo is replaced with three horizontal lines. If you know basic Japanese writing, you’ll notice the three lines are the Japanese/Chinese Kanji for the number 3, a nice subtle touch to the logo. Take a look at the logo in the video below.

MGO 2 on Ps3 featured many different weapon options and other features.  This time MGO3 adds character classes and other options to choose from. Air to Fulton recovery balloons to kid nap the enemy and send him/her to the sky above, and new close quarter Combat fighting moves are included. And, players can ride a mini metal gear like robot called Walker Gear.  Walker Gear looks a little bit like something out of the movie RoboCop or Terminator but allows the player to use it as a vehicle and shoot at the opposing team.

The video also shows the character Ocelot’s ability to ricochet bullets off objects and hit enemies hidden around corners; kind of like playing billiards/pool with bullets.

Take a look here at the demo video.

MGO3 has a lot of similar features compared to first person view shooters like Call of Duty.  One difference is that MGO3 characters are played in third person view most of the time, and  with the option to use first person mainly for aiming and shooting. I always find Call of Duty to be a fast and exciting game, but when I play, I feel like a race horse wearing blinders that block the periphery vision in each eye. First person shooter games never really feels natural. Since the field of view is limited on 16:9 HD TV’s,  the player is stuck with a limited view instead of the full 170 + degrees field of vision of human eyesight. Perhaps virtual reality goggles or really wide curved TV’s could give the player periphery vision while playing an FPS shooter. Until that happens games like Call of Duty will remain disorienting for me. I think 3rd person action games like MGO are more natural,  as they allow you to see what is on each side of the player making it easier to observe your surroundings and plan your moves.

It looks like the exciting game and one of the few options for a 3rd person online military game, of such high quality, aside from maybe Arma3

Metal Gear Online will be released early October, as a part of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. MGO will be free on PC, PS3 and Xbox360 as long as you have a copy of MGSV. However, PS4 and XBOX ONE owners must also be subscribed to PlayStation Plus or Xbox live payed services to have access to the new MGO.

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