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Kevin Hart Tells Ellen Degeneres How He Saved Lady Gaga At The Golden Globes

Kevin Hart, 36, appeared on Tuesday’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show and gave everybody a little insight as to what happened when Lady Gaga exited the Golden Globes stage.

The Golden Globes gave social media plenty to talk about. One of the most notable topics was Lady Gaga’s awkward journey onto the stage. Her dress barely allowed her to move, and she needed assistance up the stairs! But one thing the audience didn’t get to see was Kevin Hart’s apparent heroism in catching the falling Gaga.

Lady Gaga accepted her award for best performance by an actress in a miniseries motion picture made for television.* According to Hart, what happened following her acceptance speech was nothing short of a miracle. He told Ellen:

“What people don’t know is after she got the award, she was walking off, she fell.” 

Luckily for the pop star, Hart was right there to save the day! He said:

“I like, had to catch her. And while I caught her I said, ‘I just want you to realize how big my arms are. They’re just – it could have been bad. It could have been really bad for you, but I saved your life.  (…) I didn’t let her go down that far because I’m a hero. The thing is like, she was on her way down. It could have been brutal, you know, we’re talking blood, broken bones! But the inner hero in me grabbed her and my instincts kicked in, and I immediately cleared the camera: ‘Move!’ (…) And then I had her and she was gasping for air. It was a moment. It was like a thing and I was like, ‘I’m engaged.’ True story. That happened.” 


Hart hasn’t been far from the spotlight in the recent weeks. He was on last nights episode of The Bachelor, he was a “hero” at the Golden Globes and there has been plenty of buzz surrounding Ride Along 2 and his upcoming wedding!

On August 8, he will be marrying Eniko Parrish in a wedding he knows very little about. He told Ellen:

“I am a smart man. … I just said, just make sure that I know where to walk and what color I’m wearing. I’m fine, I’m just going to sign the check. I just want a piece of chicken, and I just want to walk down the aisle.” 

Well congrats to my favourite tiny comedian! All the best with your whirlwind of attention and hopefully you get that piece of chicken on your big day!

*The award was given for her role in American Horror Story: Hotel.

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