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Kenyan Mall Re-Opens After Militant Attacks

On September 21st, 2013, eight Somali militants from the group Al-Shabaab stormed through Nairobi’s Westgate Mall with guns, initiating a siege that lasted four days until they were killed by Kenyan security forces. Unfortunately, 67 were killed by the jihadists.

In the last two years, Kenyans have worked together to rebuild the mall demonstrating the unbreakable Kenyan spirit. As a result, the mall is set to reopen on Saturday after being rebuilt for two years. Kenya has been deemed safe, with the proof being President Barack Obama’s scheduled visit to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi on July 24th.

Owners of shops within the rebuilt Westgate Mall are looking forward to the reopening, with many improvements having been made. In particular, new security features that include explosive detectors, luggage X-rays, bollards and bullet-proof guard towers mean that this shopping center will probably be well protected in the event of any future attacks.

Despite the safety of Kenya, it is still evident that Al-Shabaab militants exist within Kenyan borders. In the last two years, they have slaughtered over 400 people, and within the last year, killed 147 people in Garissa at a University, and killed 14 people last week in Mandera. That being said, security forces are at the ready to combat the extremist group.

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