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Kelly Clarkson Covers Taylor Swift Song Blank Space During A Concert

Kelly Clarkson is my spirit animal. Saturday, July 25 she did a cover of Taylor Swift`s song Blank Space in front of a crowd of screaming fans.

Clarkson was performing at Toronto`s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre and sang the cover after the audience requested it. The singer, 33, isn`t new to the cover world. She has been known to break out in fantastic covers from time to time. She has covered old school songs from N’Sync and TLC to newer material from Nick Jonas, Rhianna and Sam Smith. Kelly, 33, has even rapped an Eminem song to her fans a couple years back!

She took a break from her set to give the crowd a little Swift action and it was oh so glorious! She slowed it down and completely made it her own. By the end of the song, she had me asking `Taylor who?’

Us Clarkson fans aren’t alone in our love of this version of Blank Space, even Taylor herself tweeted out her approval after seeing a video of the cover. Swift tweeted a link to the video and wrote:

“Kelly Clarkson covered Blank Space and YES.”

It didn’t take long for Clarkson return the love to Taylor. She tweeted:

“Girl I’ve been covering your songs since ‘White Horse’! I love them! I wish they would have requested ‘Clean’ #favorite :)”

GuysWhoTravel “Kelly Clarkson singing fan request Blank Space by Taylor Swift in Toronto” Youtube. 25 July 2015. Web. 27 July 2015.

Last year during a performance in Buffalo, New York Clarkson sang a gospel version of Taylor’s song Shake It Off. Again, proving that she can literally sing anything and make it sound amazing! She told the crowd “I love that song” and defended Taylor by claiming:

“Seriously, everyone gives Taylor such a hard time, but she can write a hook — I’m just sayin’.”

Abby Hoicowitz“Kelly Clarkson ‘Shake if Off’ Taylor Swift cover Buffalo 10/25/14” Youtube. 25 October 2014. Web. 27 July 2015.

Her next tour date is tomorrow in Cincinnati, OH and I’m sure fans will be looking to scream out more requests for covers. I, for one, would love to hear her cover more Sam Smith – or maybe even duet with him! We all know she loves a good duet! Keep on rocking Kelly…you are amazing!

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