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Katy Perry Gets Groped By Fan Onstage At Concert

Fans screamed, cried and sang at the Katy Perry concert on Sunday but one fan in particular got a little something extra. Or should I say, helped herself to a little something extra!

The concert was a part of the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil and it became very obvious that her Brazilian fans were very passionate.

The Fireworks singer invited a young lady onstage to share a moment. The girl who climbed onto the stage was wearing a black bra with smiley faces on either side. She immediately grabbed hold of Perry and started kissing her!

It was pretty clear that she wasn’t just star struck but that she was also, as Katy put it, “rolling” (using ecstasy). Perry looked out into her audience and told them:

“She’s kissing my neck!”

Despite repeating her name multiple times, it was hard to tell what the fan was saying. Since the concert, sources have identified the girl as Rayane.

Trying to distract Rayane from the constant groping, Perry offered to take a selfie with her. Although all that prompted was more spontaneous kissing!

After a few uncomfortable moments, KP ushered her “KatyCat” off the stage, but Rayane felt she had to run back towards Perry for one more butt slap.

Having handled herself so well up to that point, Katy was not about to lose her composure. She laughed it off and told the fan:

“You’re not my first, and you won’t be my last.”

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