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Kardashian Gushes over J-lo’s 46th Birthday Body

The fabulous and multi talented Jenny from the Block turned 46 this past weekend and boy is she looking hot! The famous actress, author, fashion designer, dancer, producer, singer and mom of  2, that’s right, TWO, was strutting her stuff in a ultra-revealing number that showed off her incredible body and curves! She is a sight for sore eyes and would make even the youngest of models envy her incredible body and confidence. There was one youngster who has shown some envy towards the celebrity who is even a celebrity herself. Kim Kardashian has admitted to being envious of J-Lo’s incredible body and gushed over how amazing she looked this past weekend. Kim shared a pic on Instagram of Jennifer Lopez in the her ultra revealing dress  from her birthday bash this weekend with the caption: ‘Damn!!!!! How hot does @jlo look!!!!! She will forever be my idol!!!! #BodyGoals (sic).’ Kim, who is currently 5 months pregnant with a younger sibling for North, has on multiple occasions mentioned her love for Jennifer and how much she idolizes her. Its not secret that Kim herself has a rockin’ bod and the curves to match so it seems surprising that Kim would be so focused on another women’s curves when she has amazing ones of her own but it seems to go much deeper then that.  It seems as though Kim has always been a huge fan of J-Lo and has even followed her sine Jen released her first album in 1999. Jen has admitted to meeting Kim on several occasions and describing her as a “sweet girl” and a big fan which she finds flattering. Kim was also caught reading J-lo’s memoir, ‘True Love’, and carrying it around with her, managing to get the attention of the author herself who tweeted out a thanks to her fellow celebrity.  It can be agreed that both women rock their fabulous curves and get along just fine which is a nice change of pace for some of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

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