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Kaitlyn Bristowe Snapchat Post Reveals Winner!

Potential information about ABC’s The Bachelorette winner to follow…


By George, I think she’s got it! And by “she” I mean Kaitlyn Bristowe. And by “it” I mean, Shawn Booth!!

Bachelor Nation is spinning! The final couple on the show (usually newly engaged) are asked to stay in hiding until the finale airs. The network and the couple have contractual obligations to ensure their relationship status isn’t revealed. But fellow Canadian, Kaitlyn, always did seem to have a bit of a rebellious streak…or maybe this is just a bit of an air-headed moment.

A Snapchat video was posted Friday afternoon that showed the bachelorette in bed with a very familiar man. The video wasn’t up for long, but it was long enough for fans to see it and recognize the man as none other than Shawn Booth! No surprise to fans, ABC had no comment on the Snapchat post.

Booth is an obvious front runner right now. He received the first impression rose and, in this last episode, the pair confessed that they are falling for each other. Being only four weeks in and knowing who the winner is feels bittersweet. It means that fans don’t get to guess at who will steal Kaitlyn’s heart, but it also means we get to look for stolen glances and flirty giggles.

Reality Steve has provided spoilers for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for a long time. Fans have counted on him for information and it seems this time he’s made a mistake! Steve had predicted that Kaitlyn would leave the show without ANY man on her arm. He now recants that prediction and says despite his error, he stands behind all future spoilers.

Being a loyal fan of The Bachelorette, I’m admittedly relieved that the show will end in love!

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