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Kaitlyn Bristowe Now Down To Three – Next Week The Bachelorette Overnight Dates Continue…

Finally the episode we’ve all been waiting for!

But first! Fair warning for spoilers!




Let’s start from the beginning.

Ben got the first one on one date. They went boating and had a low-key day on the water. They were sweet with each other and even played hide and seek! She asked him what their overnight date would look like and he mentioned that he really just wants to get to know her away from the cameras and that they could stay up all night talking.

Joe, Shawn and Nick get a group date. They all sit down and Shawn asks if he can pull her away. Last week we saw Kaitlyn tell Shawn to take a step back, but now he was ready to start moving forward again! She was just about to confess to him when Nick steps in to steal some time.

Once they’re alone she tells Nick that she thinks they took their relationship too far, too fast. Not that she’s ashamed or embarrassed but that her guilt made her feel like she made a rash decision. Nick tells her that he doesn’t regret it at all…that she is not “the bachelorette” to him, but simply “Kaitlyn”.

Then there’s Joe. Lovable, kind Joe. Kaitlyn comes back and pulls him away. After some prodding, he tells her that he’s ready to be engaged to her and that he loves her! That’s right… he pulled out the “L” word! As soon as he says it you can tell by the look on Kaitlyn’s face that she wishes she hadn’t pushed him to say it. She tells Joe that they aren’t on the same page and he instantly checks out. The thousand yard stare was plastered on his face and Kaitlyn became slightly annoyed with the whole thing. It was honestly one of the more awkward breakups this season…and that says a lot!

She heads back to Shawn and Nick and tells them she doesn’t “feel right” about handing out the rose. She tells Nick to head back to the hotel and asks to spend more time with Shawn – presumably to confess.

Once they meet up privately, Shawn confronts her about being nervous. She says she has to tell him (and only him) something serious. As soon as it came out the room became quiet. You could tell he was struggling with the new information and was even having a hard time looking at her. He asked her if she regrets it and she beat around the bush saying that she felt guilt but isn’t sure about regret. Shawn got up and walked away to collect himself before coming back and telling her that he thinks she is worth fighting for.

Flash forward to the rose ceremony and Chris Harrison tells the men that there won’t be a cocktail hour. At this point Shawn has had some time to marinate what happened and now new questions have popped up. When she calls his name for a rose first he is still unsure as to whether or not he’ll accept it! They go sit down privately and she explains that she’s not ashamed of herself because she is there to explore multiple relationships and that if they are going to move forward he needs to trust her. Eventually he decides that he can’t give up on what they’ve built and will “absolutely” accept the rose.

Then she called Ben, then Nick. And unfortunately Jared, who hadn’t seen her in four days, went home.

Jared was such a sweetheart. He offered her his jacket, told her he wants her to be happy and that she deserves the man of her dreams but once he got in the limo he broke down in tears. After being broken up with he was still thankful to have had the opportunity to fall in love. Awwww!

Jumping right into the first overnight date, Nick was first. They hung out at a church and a pub. At the bar they joked around with the locals and even got all the patrons to toast with them. Then they went to a really neat lounge set up at a jail. That’s when Nick brought up his lack of respect for Shawn…but Kaitlyn shut that conversation down pretty quickly before they went to their fantasy sweet. The next morning Kaitlyn reported that they sat on the couch eating chocolate and talking all night. Her connection with him seemed stronger then ever.

Nick goes back home and we see Shawn call the front desk to get Nicks room number. He shows up at Nick’s door and tells him he wants to talk. It gets ugly…fast.

The drama continues next week when we get to see the next two overnights and watch more drama unfold between Nick and Shawn.

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