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Justin Trudeau sworn in as Canada’s new Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau was sworn in yesterday as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister. He is now the second member of the Trudeau family to lead this country. His father, the late Pierre Trudeau, presided as Canada’s Prime Minister from 1968 to 1982. The younger Trudeau’s win has brought the Liberal party back into power and has ended Conservative Stephen Harper’s near 10-year reign over the country.

“We beat fear with hope, we beat cynicism with hard work… We beat negative, divisive politics with a positive vision that brings Canadians together,” Trudeau proudly proclaimed following his victory.

Prior to winning his Parliament seat in 2008, Trudeau worked as a teacher and advocate. His age, 43, and supposed lack of political credentials led many to question his leadership abilities. However, despite previously low expectations, Trudeau proved himself to be a more than adequate campaigner and he and his party dominated votes on Election Day, winning themselves a majority government.

Trudeau arrived to his swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall accompanied by his wife, Sophie Gregoir, and all of his ministers. They were greeted with great fan fare by their supporters as the crowd cheered and waved flags. The 10-step ceremony was led by Canada’s Governor General, David Johnston, who also heads the Canadian military. Following the reading of the oaths in both English and French, as well as the signing of the oath books, the crowds were entertained by two Inuit children who performed traditional songs.

Proceeding this event Prime Minister Trudeau signed the “Instrument of Advice” nominating ministry officials. They were then each sworn in to officially form the new government.

The Liberal party’s win means great change to Canada as a country. Trudeau has already informed U.S. President Barack Obama that he is pulling Canada from the U.S.-led bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq which the neighboring country took as a measure to combat ISIS militants.

The new Prime Minister also campaigned to legalize marijuana, revamp tax policies in order to make them more beneficial to the poor and middle-class, bolster gun-control measures, invest in more public transit and “green infrastructure,” and finally, to open up Canada’s immigrant policy.

“Canadians from all across this country sent a message that it is time for real change, and I am deeply honored by the faith they have placed in my team and me,” he was quoted as saying immediately after his swearing in.

Trudeau is optimistic about his party’s plans for his country: “Canadians told us what kind of government they want, and we built the plan to make it happen.”


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