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Justin Bieber’s Crush On Alli Simpson

Oh, to be young and smitten.

Last Thursday Justin Bieber, 21, confessed that Alli Simpson, 17, was his flavour of the week!

On her Radio Disney talk show, she was hosting a segment called Crush Of The Week. She asked the Canadian heartthrob who his current crush was, and he admitted that Alli was it!

His profession came to light on Monday when Alli opened up during her appearance on Channel Ten’s The Project. The hosts jokingly asked her about her relationship with Justin. She responded tongue in cheek and said:

“This is true. I’m very aware of this, you know we’re pretty much official. (…) No I mean honestly he came into my radio show, I got to talk to him about it and I do a segment called “Crush Of The Week” and so I asked him about it not expecting what he was going to say. I thought maybe like he’s Justin, he can say anyone he wants right and he ended up saying me. (…) I thought I’d be totally chill and be like that cool girl that’s keeping it classy like hard to get, but literally like when he looks me in the eye, it’s like you haven’t seen sexy till you’ve had a conversation with Justin Bieber”

Host of The Project, Carrie Bickmore (34) shot back a skeptical glance  and Alli defended her lust-struck position. She said:

“No literally I didn’t think so either, but then like he looked at me and it was all over from that moment on. (…) When he looked at me and said you’re going to be my crush of the week, like he took off his hat, did a little hair flip and I was like…”

Her day dreaming charade said it all! So how do the two know each other? Well both Justin Bieber and Alli’s brother, Cody, have been friends for some time. They are both musicians and have even collaborated on some music together!

Watch below to see their joined efforts on the track Home To MaMa.

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