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Justin Bieber steals James Corden’s spotlight on ‘The Late Late Show’

At-home viewers and audience members at The Late Late Show were shocked Thursday when James Corden didn’t come out for his usual monologue to begin his show. Instead, it was Justin Bieber!

As soon as bandleader Reggie Watts introduced Corden, the 21-year-old Sorry singer took the stage and highjacked Corden’s stand-up routine. And he was actually pretty funny!

He began with some political commentary. “I read that Jeb Bush’s super PAC has spent over $15 million on his campaign, meanwhile Bernie Sanders has spent over $5 on his latest haircut,” he joked. And he was sure to mention that the joke was his.

“That was mine, I wrote that,” he said.

He also mentioned Hillary Clinton, joking that her favorite song is Whatever Will Get You to Like Me and cracked one about Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer.

“Yesterday the CEO of Yahoo! gave birth to identical twins, and even they already have Gmail,” he said.

Just as he was finishing his crowd warm-up, Corden rushed on stage wearing nothing but a robe and towel on his head. “What is going on? I’m just getting in the bath. I’ve lit a scented candle and I hear the music playing. Clearly I’m not ready,” Corden said angrily. “Reggie, why did you start the music?”

“You told me to play the music, and that’s what we did,” Watts answered. He apparently couldn’t tell the 37-year-old British host and the Biebs apart. “James, you look exactly alike,” he said.

Of course Bieber had a different opinion. As he interrupted, Corden remembered how “angry” he was at Bieber, and Bieber apologized. However, that wasn’t enough for Corden.

“Well, it’s too late to say sorry,” said Corden, in reference to Bieber’s song Sorry. Bieber responded by asking, “What do you mean?”

Fed up, Corden joked, “Well, now you’re just naming your own songs. That’s pathetic.”

The Canadian-born singer explained to Corden that he has always wanted to host his own late night show, but Corden just wasn’t going to let that happen.

“You’ve got to back off! Just because you ride to work with me, alright, doesn’t mean that you can hang around in my dressing room all day…trying to steal my job!” Here, Corden was referencing his epic Carpool Karaoke session with Bieber back in May and their second take from last month.

But Corden succumbed to Bieber’s charms and let him continue hosting the show. “I’m Justin Bieber, and this is The Late Late Show. Roll the titles!” Bieber yelled.

Hey, if the Bieb’s music career doesn’t last, maybe he should go into late show hosting?

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