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Joan Rivers’ Daughter Acts the Role of Her Mother in The Upcoming Film ‘Joy’

Starring Jennifer Lawrence as Joy, Joy arrives in theatres on Christmas day.  Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa Rivers makes an appearance in the movie playing the role of her mother.

Joan Rivers died during surgery in September 2014.  For Joan Rivers fans, this must be a treat to see her daughter act as her mother in the film.

Lisa Respers France from CNN reported the following about Melissa Rivers taking on the role of Joan Rivers:

“Rivers said it was the director’s idea to cast her as her mother in scenes showing Joan Rivers on the shopping network QVC. The younger Rivers told People that even she was taken aback by how much she resembled her mother once she was made up.

‘I think I was more freaked out in the hair and makeup tests than I was once I got on set,’ Rivers said. ‘It was bizarre. I stopped looking in a mirror.’

It’s not the first time Rivers has subbed for her mother. In August, she took over Joan Rivers’ gig as a host on the E! show ‘Fashion Police.’


Directed by David O. Russel, the film is based on Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop. The film follows her life over a 30-year period. The connection between the two characters is that Joan Rivers sold jewelry on QVC shopping channel and Joy Mangano sold her household products on QVC.

Here is a youtube clip of Melissa Rivers’ appearance, while playing the part of her Mother as she approaches Joy in the film.

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