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Jeremy Roloff Gets Pranked At Bachelor Party

US Weekly released an exclusive clip from the newest Little People Big World special.

The special is centered around 25 year old Jeremy Roloff and his fiancé (now wife). It aired Tuesday, July 7th at 9pm ET on TLC and was called Little People Big World: Jeremy and Audrey’s Journey to I Do.

The clip showed one of the highlights from the episode…a prank that Zach played on his twin brother for his bachelor party. The brothers and their friends spent the day paintballing but Zach had something special planned for when they returned to their farm.

Jeremy says in the clip:

“A big part of a bachelor party is definitely always getting pranked and it was one of those things where they wanted to embarrass me, because I guess they don’t think I get embarrassed enough.”

So what was the prank? Well, according to Zach, a long time ago Jeremy and his friends “went to some park and they were doing some pictures naked”. So Zach took it upon himself to find one of the photos and blow it up life size to show the world!

Jeremy described the photo reveal:

“I look up as this shadow is coming down on the table and I just see this life-size image of me, and only me.”

His reaction to seeing the photo was an appropriate, “Oh, s—!”. Ha! Zach, now also engaged, really should have thought carefully about embarrassing his brother so bad. Karma may come back to bite him in the butt!

Jeremy didn’t have a lot to say for himself about the photo. All he wanted to say to viewers was…


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