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Jennifer Lawrence Shows Her Potty Mouth On Conan

Just after Conan interviewed The Hunger Games stars at the International Comic Con in San Diego, he had them as guests on his talk show.

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth all took a seat on Conan’s couch for some hilarious conversations.

Not only did we hear Liam talk about the franchise’s “passionate” Italian fans, and see Jennifer and Josh do a Cher duet, but Conan came up with a fun little game to give back to charity!

Well, perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a “task” for Lawrence rather then call it a “game” but all things considered I don’t think being appropriate was the goal.

Lawrence reputation as a potty mouth preceded her and Conan assigned her a mission based on her innate ability to cuss. He told her:

“You, more than almost anyone I’ve met, you’ll just throw out the swears like a sailor on shore leave.”

Conan pulled out his swear jar which had a label that read “Swearing is Caring” and encouraged Jennifer to curse as much as she could in thirty seconds. For every curse word she coughed out, he would give $1000 to charity and would match whatever money she earned out of his own pocket.

Jennifer got worked up and screamed, “I’m doing it for the f**king kids!”

The timer began and the audience heard some very…creative… cussing (including a strawberry sh*tscicle). After the stream of absolutely cringe worthy and puzzling curse words she earned $10,000 for a charity of her choice.

You can watch the full – and censored – interview below!

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