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Jennifer Lawrence Accidentally Kisses Natalie Dormer On The Red Carpet

Natalie Dormer got the kiss of approval from Jennifer Lawrence…quite literally!

At the Mockingjay–Part 2 premiere in London, both actresses walked the red carpet for interviews. Not too long after the premiere, On Demand Entertainment released the video of their adorable and awkward exchange.

Both Dormer and Lawrence were engaged in separate interviews right next to each other. Once Lawrence finished her interview, she turned to walk away but at the last minute chose to say hello to her friend before leaving. She got Dormer’s attention, who was busy talking to another journalist, and everything took a strange direction from there.

Lawrence, obviously meaning to peck Dormer’s cheek, almost planted a big ole kiss straight on her lips! Their hilarious little head butt was followed by Jennifer apologizing and screaming:

“Oh my God! We just kissed on camera… and I liked it.”

The uncoordinated move and the charming response are typical J-Law and are perfect examples of why fans love her so much.

Once Jen made her hasty escape, Dormer made sure to “get Jennifer Lawrence off (her) face.”

Thank you ladies for being so down to earth and thank you On Demand Entertainment for catching the clumsy, humorous exchange on camera!

The Mockingjay Part Two will hit theatres November 20th.

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