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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Not Planning On Living Separate Any Time Soon

Having learned about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck divorcing over the summer, fans assumed the split would be fast and amicable.** While everything is still cordial between the pair, the split itself hasn’t seemed to happen yet!

The couple made it clear right from the start that the family is the first priority. Their three children Seraphina, Violet and Samuel were always first on their radar, and with that in mind, they decided to both stay living in the family home.

Their L.A. home has been the place of residence for both Jen and Ben and while their kids are still young, it seems like it’s in their best interest to have mom and dad both close by. Sources tell E! News that while they are both staying at the same house, they DO have their own living spaces. The source said:

“Ben is living in the family house, but in a separate section. He has a room to himself, but it’s in an area that Jen goes to on a daily basis. It has forced them to have to day-to-day interactions and spend a lot more time together than a typical separated couple. It’s working well for the kids to have both of them there in close quarters, so they have made sacrifices and agreed to do it for now.”

With Christmas just passing, the pair is probably feeling the benefits of their chosen living quarters. They got to spend their holidays with their families and children all together under one roof.

It won’t be any time soon that their Los Angeles home will become two. The couple seems to be comfortable with how things are. The source said:

“There are no plans for Ben to move out any time soon. With work commitments, they will both be in and out of the house and just want to keep things stable for the kids.”

All things considered, their choices are admirable and their happy children speak for themselves.

** To read more about the celebrity couple split, head to the link below.

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