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Jadianna Larsen Found Dead In A Suitcase

Devastating news circulated Sacramento on Saturday.

Jadianna Larsen, a beautiful six year old girl, was reported missing Thursday. Unfortunately this story didn’t have a happy ending. A body was found in a suitcase, amid a vegetation fire and on Saturday was confirmed to be Jadianna.

Juan Rivera was the boyfriend of Jadianna’s mother. Rivera was looking after the girl when she went missing and stopped showing up to school. Allegedly, Juan suffers from seizures and says that he was having a fit of them (for nine hours) before he woke up and called the police about the fact that Jadianna was missing. He has been arrested and is currently in the Sacramento County Main Jail on murder charges. He is held there without a chance for bail and will appear in court on Tuesday. The twenty five year old has a history with the law including involvement with methamphetamine.

The Larsen family lived in the Martin Luther King Jr. Village apartments. The units are for families with low income who are trying to get back on their feet after being homeless. The neighbours are heartbroken and furious at hearing the news of Jadianna being found dead and burned. They’ve set up signs, candles and monuments to reflect on the loss they feel as a community.  Surveillance videos surrounding the apartments are being reviewed for any information.

Patient privacy laws prevent the community from knowing details of Jadianna’s mothers’ whereabouts at the time of her murder. However it has been made clear that she is NOT a suspect and that she was, in fact, undergoing medical treatment while all of this was going on.

It is unclear as to where Jadianna was murdered exactly, but for the time being the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is undertaking the investigation.

R.I.P. Sweet Jadianna.

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