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It’s National Bosses Day

Yes, believe it or not there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating your boss. Love them or hate them, your boss is your boss and today is the day to show them your appreciation for their kindness and fairness throughout the year.

There are many different kinds of bosses out there. Some are great. Some are not so great. Either way, there is a great deal that we can learn from our bosses, both good and bad.

Take for example your micro-manager; the boss that cannot go 10 minutes without checking in on what you’re doing and doesn’t let you make your own decisions. These types of bosses can cause employees additional unnecessary stress. The lesson here: give people space and let them make their own choices. Give people room to make mistakes and decisions that they themselves can learn from.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is your motivating, mentor-like boss. These bosses are really more like leaders than bosses because they put in the hard work too and lead by example. This is the kind of boss that shows you hard work actually does pay off. Because they lead by example rather than ruling over you and telling you what to do, you feel more compelled to actually put in time and do the best you can.

The holiday was first registered with the United States Chamber of Commerce in 1958. The holiday was not backed as an official holiday until 1962, when Illinois Governor Otto Kerner officially proclaimed the day. Originally just an American holiday, Bosses Day is now celebrated in several countries worldwide including Canada, Australia, Ireland, India and Lithuania.

Even if you don’t like your boss, you should still show them some appreciation today. As Byron Pulsifer said “If it wasn’t for bad bosses, I wouldn’t know what a good one was like.”

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