Sunday , December 15 2019
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Islamic State Propaganda Video Shows Training of Boys

The Islamic State has released a video that has been shocking everyone who views it. The video is a propaganda video of showing how they train young boys to become skilled fighters. In the videos, the boys are featured in cages, masked, training for fighting doing various things including crawling through tubes while Islamic State fighters fire live rounds over their heads.

Not only this, but the boys have also been shown breaking concrete bricks with their heads. The Islamic State has often used children in their propaganda videos, so this video is not the first. This year alone, a video was released of a young boy executing two men who had been spying for Russia, as well as another video that shows a young boy executing an alleged Mossad spy. Additionally, the Islamic State is renowned for showing no mercy to children. Not only do they use children as soldiers but in the last week, they even crucified two boys in Syria’s Deir Ezzor region for not fasting for Ramadan. Not to mention the fact that children belonging to religious and ethnic minorities in Syria and Iraq, are at risk of being killed or sexually enslaved by the Islamic State.

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