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Internet Making 8-Year-Old Boy Famous – Dying Wish

Dorian Murray is slowly having his dying wish realized.

Some people want to pay their bills, or travel more but Dorian Murray only wants one thing…to have people know his name. Murray is an 8 year old little boy who has been suffering from Rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of pediatric cancer, for over 4 years.

Half of his life he has fought but earlier this year his family was told that his cancer is terminal. They immediately decided to discontinue treatment and go home. Once they were home, Dorian told his father that before he goes to heaven he wants to become famous.

Just like that his father got to work. They made a Facebook page and told the world of their little boy’s last wish. They asked people to use the hashtag #DStrong and post photos acknowledging their son.

With the help of Petr Hejl, a drone photographer, the town of Westerly Rhode Island band together to show Dorian they know his name. On Sunday over 2, 500 people gathered on the cold beach and spelled out a message for their little super star. Hejl used two drones and made a time lapse video of their beautiful gesture. He said:

“You don’t see compassion and solidarity like this every day. Thousands of people showed up on a pretty chilly day just to do this.”

Then Dorian set his goal a little big higher. He wanted to be famous in China! So those following the Murray Facebook page that lived in China stepped up. Photos were posted from people in China showing Dorian they are thinking of him.

Even the celebrity world reached out. From Rhode Island politicians U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Govenor Gina Raimondo to super stars Lance Bass, Paula Abdul and Conan O’Brien.

They all gave Dorian a shout out he would never forget. And those nods certainly didn’t go unappreciated by the Murray family. Dorian told WPRI (CNN):

“They’re just saying to keep fighting. They believe in me. And it’s just really nice to know that so many people have my back for me.”

Sweet boy, your story has gone viral and you are certainly famous in the eyes of everybody who learns your name! Wishing the Murray family hope and happiness as Dorian’s fame grows.

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