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Insight Into Season Four Of The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project season four teaser promo has been released!

Fox has given up the show and now Hulu is taking on the spunky Mindy Kaling playing the leading lady, Mindy Lahiri. It will still be a couple weeks before the show will be back on screens and the spoilers have pushed us even further to the edge of our seats!

The premiere episode promises to be a good one. But before we go any further…fair warning…


It will be a trippy first episode where Mindy dreams about what her life would look like without Danny in it. Danny, of course played by the ever charming Chris Messina, is also shown without Mindy.

So, if not Danny, who would Mindy be with? Well in her dream she is tied to a reality show producer played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. Not a bad alternative, huh!

The Television Critics Association summer press tour took place last month. They took the opportunity to ask Mindy about the new season. She told them:

“We explore what it would be like if [Mindy had] never fallen in love with Danny. [Gordon-Levitt] plays a reality TV producer whose best friends with Andy Cohen. He’s the man of Mindy’s dreams, his apartment’s in Gramercy Park. (…) It was very fun to use him as a character who seems ideal, but then goes in a very surprising direction.”

The promo proves that the quirky humor will still be in tact despite the new channel. It shows Mindy snacking and tells her dream man:

“These chips are terrible.”

To which Joseph Gordon Levitt responds:

“That’s a bowl of seashells, babe.”

Danny, however, ends up with Freida Pinto who ultimately ends up not meeting his expectations.

It’s not only the channel that’s new, there will also be a slew of new actors! There’s Ajay Mehta, Sakina Jaffrey and Eliza Coupe!

To watch the season four premiere, tune in to Hulu on Tuesday, September 15th.

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