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Innocent Bystander Killed in Undercover Bust

The suburb of Mount Vernon in New York City is reeling after an uncover police bust went awry. A 61-year-old bystander was shot and killed by police when a gun buy went wrong.

Police were operating an undercover gun buy when the shooting occured. An undercover police officer met up with a suspect on Friday to purchase guns. The first suspect is identified as Jeffrey Aristy, 28. NYPD say that the officer was directed by Aristy to drive to Mount Vernon for the deal. Upon arriving, Aristy and a second suspect, identified only as a 37-year-old male, got in the officer’s car for the transaction. The 37-year-old suspect, seated in the back of the officer’s vehicle, pointed a gun at the officer’s head and demanded the money.

The officer in the sting handed over the cash, after which both suspects attempted to flee. When the officer tried to stop them, the 37-year-old suspect retaliated by pointing the gun at the officer. According to police statements, the officer fired several shots, stiking the 37-year-old three times in the torso.

A bystander positioned behind the suspect was also hit by stray bullets from the discharge. He has been identified as Felix Kumi, 61. Kumi was hit in the torso and died of his wounds in hospital the following morning.

Aristy was arrested on gun and drug sale charges. The 37-year-old suspect who was shot by the officer was taken to hospital and is facing criminal charges in the event.


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