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Indiana Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Shut Down After Leaked Video

The National Office of the Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) frat has shut down their Indiana chapter on Thursday.

A twenty nine second, sexually explicit video emerged on a Twitter account called ATO Video. It showed one of the fraternity’s initiated members involved in a “highly inappropriate and vulgar” situation.

Wynn Smiley is the national chapter’s chief executive officer. Wynn has announced that the charter has been revoked since the unauthorized event occurred. The “party” involved almost half of the frat members. ATO’s official statement read:

“The National Office of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity has revoked the charter and closed the Delta Alpha chapter at Indiana University following the release of a highly inappropriate and vulgar video.

The video from a smartphone shows a sex act that occurred last week. The event was unauthorized involving about half of the chapter’s membership. The National Fraternity investigation revealed the 21 year old man in the video was an initiated member, not a pledge, and the two women in the video were exotic dancers hired by one of the members. Our investigation revealed that no pledge was compelled to participate. Regardless, the actions are contrary to the ideals and principles of Alpha Tau Omega and are highly offensive.

The National Fraternity, with strong encouragement from local alumni advisors, investigated the incident and took swift disciplinary action. The revocation of the charter means the chapter is closed, effective immediately and all chapter activities must cease. The National Fraternity will continue to work closely with Indiana University officials.”

The university applauded the quick and heavy hand regarding the incident. The school’s official statement read:

“The office of the Dean of Students and IU Police Department are prepared to work closely with the national ATO organization to facilitate this action. Indiana University’s Office of Student Ethics will continue to investigate this issue as it relates to potential violations of the university code of student conduct.”

University spokesman, Mark Land, took a moment on Twitter to ensure the community of school values. He said:

“Indiana University takes its responsibility to foster a culture of care and respect among the students on its campuses extremely seriously.”


WXIN (CNN) reported that in 2010 Alpha Tau Omega had been investigated for hazing and also for serving alcohol to minors. At that time over 100 initiated members were kicked out of the frat. Since then the reputation of ATO has gone downhill. There have been further allegations of hazing, organized racist chanting and sexual assault.

ATO has 129 chapters in 35 different states with a whopping 215,000 initiated members. It’s about time they all get on board with the values of their communities before they lose even more chapters!

For members…just because you are in a frat doesn’t mean you have to play into negative stereotypes.

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