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Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Laptop’s are more popular than ever now. They allow people to work from just about anywhere that has an internet connection, they eliminate the restriction of only using your device in one place due to it being wire free, and they are a big help to students who want to take notes during their lectures, or those who want to get started early on papers when their local library’s computers are all occupied. However, with these laptops comes the demand for an internet browser that operates just as well as if they were at home. While Google Chrome has answered the supply for this demand, it comes with a price. The use of this efficient browser significantly drains the battery life of the machine it is being run on. This extra quick drainage of the battery life causes a bunch of inconveniences. Being a student and hanging around other students often, I can tell you that this is one our worst nightmares when it comes to laptops. Shortened battery life results in students not being able to take notes during lectures that stretch out to three hours or longer, it can cause laptops to die faster than students are accustomed to and lose their work that they could have spent all day on, and the overall lack of work that can be done without access to a power outlet are just a few problems that come to my mind when I think of shortened battery life. However, with Google Chrome finally looking into why this is happening, the life of these laptops may finally be a little bit longer.

Google Chrome looks to point the finger at the accessibility to automatically playing videos on web pages, flash animations as the culprits to the battery drain. Chrome plans on fixing this by putting in an automatic pause of these features when a website is opened through their browser. If someone actually wants to see these videos or animations, they can simply press the play button. Chrome will soon implement this paused feature by including it when the user decides to update their Google Chrome. Since they are unsure of how long this will take, the company has included a manual way to do it for those who are too impatient to wait. All you need to do is go to browser settings, advanced settings, scroll down to the privacy section, open the content settings tab, then find plug ins and find the box that says detect and run important plug-in content, and simply check it or leave it blank based on your preferences.

Similar to the article I wrote about Facebook’s Messenger app, this is yet another company answering the calls of the consumer. I can guarantee that this change once spread around will keep people using this browser. These changes really show that companies love their audiences and appreciate them. I hope that this increase in battery life is enough for users to notice the difference in their machines performance. Hopefully Google Chrome does not stop here, and continues to improve the browser that it’s users love, making it more and more efficient. I personally love Google Chrome, with or without the battery life drainage. I was frustrated with other browsers being slow and decided to give this one a try and I have not looked back since. I am also glad that they chose to make a manual option, since I know my laptop’s battery dies rather quickly ( While I’ll admit, I am not that tech savvy of a person, so on top on not really noticing the faster battery life drain, I could probably treat my laptop a little better.)

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