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Ikea introduces bed and breakfast service.

Have you ever lied down in your shabby, old bed, maybe next to a snoring significant other, or a cat hogging up the whole bed, or perhaps children trying to sneak out of their rooms yet again in the dark of night? Have you ever felt like throwing open the window and howling at the moon between sobs, “If only Timmy would go to bed and I could get some beauty sleep for my tired bones!”?

If you’re British, then Ikea is popping up a solution for you, and a fancy one at that.

In the wealthy Shoreditch district of London, Ikea will have a pop-up café where beds can be booked between 7am to noon for an hour, complete with “traditional Scandinavian” breakfasts served in bed and sleep specialists around the clock.

But what if you’ve had a long day’s work and you really need a nap at Ikea on the way home from work? No problem, Ikea allows people to book the beds for naps between noon and 3pm. As usual, there will be sleep specialists to help you get the most out of your nap.

It’s only a three day trial for now between May 18th to May 20th. No word yet if it will go worldwide, as the rest of us can only dream, but it will generate tons of publicity for the furniture giant.

Ikea has been known to implement wild promotions before, such as pairing up with Airbnb in Australia to rent out rooms, making snide jabs at Apple’s high-brow advertisements with their own parodies, or being the place where monkeys can be found in the parking lot.

Are you within reasonable distance of a London Ikea? The company is taking reservations. Rest easy!

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