Monday , May 20 2019
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HTC Not Selling Out to Asus

Despite rumours circling that HTC might be interested in selling itself to fellow Android company, Asus, on Monday, HTC made it clear that they would not be selling themselves to Asus.

Although the past few years have shown a decline in sales for HTC, in the early years of Android phones, HTC had been one of the top sellers in 2011 until other companies like Samsung, Lenovo and Huawei joined in and offered stiff competition to HTC. Additionally, the increase in popularity of Apple iPhones in China has contributed to HTC’s falling sales.

As experts point out, HTC has good quality phones, but in terms of remaining competitive with their cameras, HTC has been unable to match other Android phones. In fact, many experts even suggest that it could be a good idea for HTC to sell out to Asus or another company as their popularity and sales continue to fall each year.

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