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Houston, We Have a Problem!

Anybody have an ark?

Texans are looking to the skies and crossing their fingers. Another bout of rain has caused rivers to overflow and prompt people across the state to evacuate. The monumental storms have killed twenty one people and have caused substantial damage to over four thousand buildings in Houston alone.

On Thursday, the Colorado River began to flood the surrounding area. The mayor of Wharton (southwest of Houston) forced nine hundred people living around the river to be evacuated. Those evacuating the area are being sent to shelters for safety because the situation is expected to worsen before it improves. Hundreds of 9-1-1 emergency calls were placed and even one responder needed rescuing via helicopter in Dallas. Thursday evening a freeway in Dallas became blocked with rainfall reaching seven inches! For six hours there were thousands of cars stuck in the water. The Red Cross reached out and supplied water and Girl Scout Cookies to those who were stuck in their vehicles.

A flash flood warning was issued by the National Weather service. The water, already at hazardous levels, is only going to climb higher. It’s suggested that people go home and stay home as soon as possible. Those who don’t heed these warnings could end up like Vanessa Paterson, who was trapped on the highway with her six month old son. Governor Greg Abbott has confirmed seventy counties as disaster areas and begs people to listen to these warnings.

One of the main problems is that at this intensity of flooding, the volume of water becomes difficult to manage. Simply releasing water from the dams could cause flooding downstream, yet the water “has to go somewhere” as Clay Church stated. Clay is a spokesman for the Fort Worth District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Homes, vehicles and streets are overtaken by the storms. Our hearts go out to those affected by the serious flooding. Stay safe and remember that stuff can be replaced, but people cannot!

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