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‘Homeland’ Season Five Finale – A False Glimmer

The season five finale of Showtime’s Homeland aired and left fans on a super intense cliff hanger!

If you haven’t seen the season finale yet, this is your warning. Go and watch it!


So last episode we were left with Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes, in a very sticky situation where thousands of lives depended on her somehow managing to convince the terrorists to not release the Sarin gas.

Luckily for Berlin… Qasim, played by Alireza Bayram, actually has a conscience. Carried realized that very quickly and managed to work with him to take down the jihad leader, Qasim’s cousin, Bibi Hamed. Bibi, played by Rene Ifrah, did end up dying but not before taking his cousin down with him. Qasim’s last moments were with Carrie, who comforted him with prayer and thanks. She knew that he was the one who saved Quinn, but also had just saved thousands of civilians in the subway station.

The last time we saw Allison, she had a bullet wound and was redirecting intelligence toward the Berlin airport instead of the subway station. Saul Berenson, played by Mandy Patinkin, made Ivan Krupin (Mark Ivanir) an offer he couldn’t refuse. If Ivan was willing to give up Allison’s whereabouts, Saul would grant him entry into the witness protection program. He offered him a life at a Wyoming ski resort under the condition that he helped the CIA locate Allison.

The offer is obviously too good to decline and the season ends for Allison in the back of a Sedan full of bullet holes. Saul set up a plan to stop the vehicle she was in as they were making their way to the Russian border. After all was said and done, he got to take one last look at his ex-lover laying dead in the trunk. Justice at last!

With Carrie’s involvement in stopping the attack, Saul couldn’t help but beg her to come back to the CIA. He promised that she could have “complete autonomy.” She could pick her own teams, her own locations and her own projects. But even with the promise of freedom, Carrie had to turn him down. Despite his persistence, she told Saul she is “not that person anymore.” And just like that, it seems like their symbiotic relationship came to a close…at least for this season.

Now onto the juicy stuff! Carrie’s love life. This episode was a roller coaster for her emotions to say the least!

Carrie found her way back to Jonas Hollander, played by Alexander Fehling, but after a quick bit of…reconnecting…things got serious. Jonas essentially said that while he loves Carrie and Franny, there’s no way he can continue a relationship with them. After the incident with his own kids, he realized that he doesn’t “want to go through life always worried about what’s around the next corner.” Seeing as how Carrie is a bit of a magnet for chaos, it’s hard to blame him!

Then there was the really weird proposition/proposal from Otto During, played by Sebastian Koch. Otto has always been there for Carrie in a professional capacity. He’s been flexible with his expectations of her considering her history and ever changing circumstances, but what happened between them came a bit out of left field. He proposed to her. Literally. Not a business proposal (I don’t think) but a marriage one that she has one month to answer! He said to her:

 “I want a partner. Someone who knows the world for what it is but also knows it must be made better. Someone to share my life with.”

Lastly there’s Quinn. That’s where we all let out a big sigh. Peter Quinn, played by Rupert Friend, hasn’t left his hospital bed. He had another medical emergency from which the doctor said he may never recover. He could potentially remain unconscious or, if he does wake up, could have very little cognitive function. Quinn was near dead after having the Sarin gas pumped into him and then of course there was the brain haemorrhage at the hospital when Carrie and Saul tried to wake him up. Let’s just say he hasn’t had the easiest time as of late.

But what’s really beautiful was the letter he left for Carrie. In the letter, he confessed his love for her and the fact that he could really see a life with her. He also said:

 “Don’t put a star on the wall for me. Don’t say some dumb speech. Just think of me as a light in the heavens, a beacon steering you clear of the rocks.”

The episode ends with Carrie obviously about to quietly pull the plug on Quinn when the room becomes filled with light from outside. Of course that’s where the episode closes. On her momentary pause. Who knows if she’ll take that as a sign to hold on to hope, or if she takes it as a sign to go ahead and finish the task. All we know is that the next season of Homeland can’t come quick enough!

The show will be returning in the new year with season six.

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