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HIV Treatments Taken To a New Level

Sexually transmitted diseases are awful. Some people are born with them through their parents, some are unlucky while using protection during the act and others become victims of them due to the maliciousness of the people who are infected with them already. For the most part, most of these diseases bear minimal symptoms and can be cured when taken care of in the proper manner. However, some of these viruses, such as herpes, cannot be cured and others, such as HIV/AIDS end up killing people every single year. Scientists, doctors and researchers are always working hard daily to find possible ways in which they can attack such viruses to free people of them, and while the step may be small, it seems that they have made some progress on curing HIV.

For the most part, doctors have been investing their time into creating a medication that will completely kill the virus and eliminating it from people’s bodies, such as antibiotics and other forms of medication. The problem with this approach to curing the deadly virus is the way that HIV works and stays alive in the body. Since HIV invades immune cells, they are able to work their way around the medications that we try to use to combat it. However, now they are deciding to try a new approach to the deadly virus. This time, it seems as though they are choosing to try and lock down the sugar and nutrient supply that HIV needs in the body in order to carry out its business. This sugar and nutrient supply is what gives HIV the strength to invade the immune cells in the human body. Once they invade the immune cells, they are able to take them over and destroy the immune cell’s role as an immune cell in the body.

Do not get me wrong, I am extremely happy to see that those in the medical profession are working toward eliminating one of the deadly Sexually transmitted diseases out there, but my concern is how they are going to shut off this supply in the body and what kind of repercussions it will have. Keep in mind I am not very knowledgeable in the medical field and the following statements are merely my opinon, so something could very well be missing from my theory. Sure, let’s say they shut down this supply of sugar and other nutrients that HIV needs to survive in the body, but are there not other cells in the body that needs access to this supply? what will happen to them? what about those who have low blood sugar to begin with? What about those with diabetes? There is just a lot I am unsure of. Hopefully doctors stay on top of this new strategy they have and work out the bugs that they find along the way.

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