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Historic Solar Flight Touches Down In Hawaii

The airplane powered only through solar energy from the sun has made its landing in Hawaii. The flight endured 7200km from Japan across the Pacific to Hawaii.

After descending from the long flight, pilot Andre Borschberg touched town on Kalaeloa Airport’s runway in Hawaii at 5:55am, setting a new record.

The flight spent 118 hours hours in the air, a new record for time spent and distance covered in a manned, solar-powered flight. The previous record was set by American Steve Fossett who had 76 hours airtime in 2006.

 Borschberg was humble about the flight and its success, telling the BBC that he didn’t feel tired after the long flight time. Adding, “I am also astonished. We got so much support during the flight from so many people; it gave me so much energy.”

Awaiting Borschberg’s landing in Hawaii was his partner on the project, Bertrand Picard. Picard will continue the flight on the next leg from Hawaii to Phoenix. Although less of a journey, the feat will be just as great, taking approximately the same amount of time (4 days and nights).

After landing in Phoenix, the flight will embark on the next leg of the journey, heading for New York and crossing the Atlantic towards Abu Dhabi.


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