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Hillary Clinton on private email server: ‘I take responsibility’

So she finally apologizes…

Hillary Rodham Clinton told ABC News’ David Muir Tuesday that using a personal email account while Secretary of State was a “mistake.” Although she has declined to apologize for her private email system in the past, she admitted she was “sorry” for it.

“That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility,” Clinton told Muir. This is definitely the most apologetic the Democratic presidential candidate has been about the private emails. Just Monday Clinton told Associated Press that she would not apologize because what she “did was allowed.”

She also told NBC interviewer Andrea Mitchell that she is sorry that the issue is confusing people. However, she said she still had not done anything wrong.

If you haven’t already heard, Clinton used a private email server based out of her home to send work-related emails. This obviously kept both her work and personal communications outside of the regular State Department system, Washington Post reports.

Her decision to keep the emails to herself raised questions, and she has since turned over 55,000 pages of email from her private server to the State Department, ABC reports. She also turned over her private server and thumb drive to the Justice Department. The FBI is investigating whether the system had jeopardized classified information.

Clinton said Tuesday that she did not receive or send any classified material on the server. She added that she is attempting to be “as transparent” as she can while handling the email controversy.

Clinton’s interview with ABC was her first nationally televised interview with an evening news anchor since her campaign was launched. And it comes after serious criticism for her email account and drops in the polls.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll in September showed that 53 percent of Americans see Clinton unfavorably, according to Washington Post. That number has risen 8 percentage points since early summer. Now, the majority of Americans consider her unfavorable, according to the poll numbers.

Portions of the ABC interview are set to air on the Tuesday night newscast and on Nightline.

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