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Hill Valley Recreated to Celebrate Back to The Future Day

Back to the Future Day happened on October 21, 2015. In the second film, 30 years ago,Marty McFly travelled in time to October 21, 2015 to reverse his bad fate and prevent Biff from changing the future. In celebration of Back to the Future,  the trilogy movies were shown in the theatres across the world.  As part of the celebration,  for one day, Fillmore California was turned into Hill Valley, the setting of Back to the Future.

Derrik J. Lang from Washington Post reported the following.

“As part of the five-day “We’re Going Back” fan event celebrating “Back to the Future” Day, the downtown streets of Fillmore, California, were blocked off from traffic as fans dressed as characters from the beloved sci-fi film series participated in hoverboard and DeLorean rides. Oliver and Terry Holler, owners of a DeLorean resembling the time-traveling vehicle from the trilogy, provided rides to fans who made a donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

However, they weren’t transporting passengers to the past or future. Their DeLorean was retrofitted to ride back and forth on the train rails in the middle of town, similar to the vehicle’s Wild West journey in ‘Back to the Future Part III.’ ….

….Across the tracks, a sign welcoming visitors to Hill Valley was erected in the town’s Central Park, while a beauty salon was made up to look like Roy’s Record Store from the original film. An antique shop’s window was filled with 1980s memorabilia, resembling Cafe ‘80s from the second installment. The band the Flux Capacitors performed on stage in front of city hall, which was festooned with a giant clock for the occasion…..

….The actual Hill Valley town square set where the “Back to the Future” trilogy was filmed still exists on the Universal Studios lot. Several fans spent Wednesday touring that filming location as part of the “We’re Going Back” event. The organizers selected Fillmore for Thursday’s festivities because of its resemblance to the exterior town square set and proximity to Los Angeles.”

Washington Post also mentioned that the celebration included a hoverboard demonstration similar to the scene in the second film.

People seem to love the Back to the Future movies.  Since being shown in theatre this week, the trilogy has done very well financially. Anthony D’Alessandro from Deadline Hollywood reported the following:

“UPDATED, 12 PM with overseas numbers: Universal Pictures re-released the Back To The Future trilogy in theaters on Back To The Future Day on Wednesday and grossed $4.8M worldwide. The trio of films played on 1,815 domestic screens making $1.65M and posted $3.2M abroad. The trilogy will continue to play throughout the weekend.”

There you have it. You still have time to go see your favourite time-travelling movies this weekend.

But the celebration got even better. Reprising their character roles once again, the actors who played Doc and Marty made an appearance (by time travel) on the Jimmy Kimmel show where Jimmy introduced them to this strange future we live in.  See the video below from YouTube channel Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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