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Hilary Clinton Joins Instagram

Another celebrity joins Instagram. Hilary Clinton, presidential hopeful, joined Instagram this week and her campaign is already off and running. It’s clear to everyone that her new presence on the social media site is politically driven.

To kick of her social media campaign, Clinton, who’s famous for her pantsuits, fittingly posted a photo of her wearing three different pantsuits; one in red, one in blue, and one in white. Ironic? No, the word I’m looking for is strategic.

Clinton took her first posting one step further, captioning the image “Hard Choices”. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the title of her recent book. Clinton is taking all the steps to promote herself personally, politically, and professionally. As cheesy as it is, I can’t help but applaud her.

As the presidential campaigning begins, this is an interesting social media tactic for Clinton to apply. And it seems that it’s working.

With over 10,000 followers in her first hour on the platform, Clinton has received a growing presence and popularity among Instagram issuers. Strategically, this is a genius idea. Clinton’s presidential campaign is targeting the younger generation, aged 18-29. A recent poll by Harvard indicated 83% of Facebook users fall in this age range, with 44% on Instagram, and 39% on Twitter. Clinton and her team have clearly done their homework.

Social media users will be curiously anticipating her next post.

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