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Health Clubs, Social Media, and Client Relationships

The fitness world can be a rather intimidating place when you first set foot into the gym, or set foot in an establishment where most of the people look like they were sculpted to perfection before they got there. What is even worse for most people is that they look in the mirror and realize they need to get into shape, and have no one to go on the journey with them, which can be extremely discouraging. Of course, most of the time when scenarios play out like this, these types of people do not stay around too long in the exercise game. However, some health clubs are aiming to change that.

Boutique fitness studios are starting to reach out to their clients via social media in an effort to support them on their fitness journeys. Studies show that as long as someone else in some way shape or form is supportive in someone else’s fitness journey, the amount of time spent in the gym or exercising by that person can almost double.

I personally love this idea. If you have not picked up on it based on some of my other articles, I am a bit of a gym nerd. I very much agree with what is said in this article because there are so many factors that make someone quit or continue. For me, I started working out with some of my best friends in high school, and we were able to see the starting points we all came from and how far we had come and compliment each other on our progress. We even made it more fun by making competitions out of it, seeing who could reach a certain goal before someone else and what not. Building upon this point, I have run into countless people who tell me they lose the motivation to exercise when they are alone. The weight loss/ muscle gain experience is a rather slow one and it can be quite discouraging for someone who is just starting out to see that they look exactly the same, or they have not lost a single pound after two weeks of busting their hump. I firmly believe that trainers reaching out to their clients who they can not be with in person will somewhat facilitate the feeling of someone being there with them.

The way that some people look at themselves in the mirror is an extremely sensitive subject, and working out is hard work. For those who are self conscious about their weight, I do not blame them one bit for quitting the exercise game when they are alone and not seeing any results. I know it is unhealthy, but it is simply easier to bury your sorrows into feeling sorry for yourself and constantly indulging in things like food or your own emotions in order to make yourself more comfortable with the situation at hand. I hope that those people who are considering that route at least think about trying to have a trainer work with them in person or in social media, because it could very well save their lives if they put enough time into it.

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